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General information
Gene name Breast Cancer Type 2 susceptibility protein
Gene symbol BRCA2
Chromosome Location 13q12.3
Database location hci.utah.edu
Curator Julie Boyle and HCI / Tavtigian Lab
Database reference for citations Vallée MP, Francy TC, Judkins MK, Babikyan D, Lesueur F, Gammon A, Goldgar DE, Couch FJ, Tavtigian SV.
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Date of creation July 29, 2009
Last update August 28, 2019
Version BRCA2 190828
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GenBank reference NM_000059
Total number of unique DNA variants reported 974
Total number of individuals with variant(s) 920
Total number of variants reported 920
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Sequence variant tables
Unique sequence variants Listing of all unique sequence variants in the BRCA2 database, without patient data
Complete sequence variant listing Listing of all sequence variants in the BRCA2 database
Summary tables Summary of all sequence variants in the BRCA2 database, sorted by type of variant (with graphical displays and statistics)
Variants with no known pathogenicity Listing of all BRCA2 variants reported to have no noticeable phenotypic effect (note: excluding variants of unknown effect)

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Links to other resources
Homepage http://hci-exlovd.hci.utah.edu/home.php?select_db=BRCA2
External link #1 http://healthcare.utah.edu/huntsmancancerinstitute/research/cancer-genetics/cancer-susceptibility/
Entrez Gene 675
OMIM - Gene 600185

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